Barndominium Design


In contemporary times where people favor comfort over anything else, barndominium has emerged as an extremely popular and efficient option over the past few years. A barndoiminumor ‘barndos’ for short provides a modern yet traditional approach to construction. They are usually made with metal or can even be substituted with wood.   

Barndominiums originally started as agricultural or industrial areas. It was only until much later when people recognized it for its advantages and made them into residential spaces. The public has started leaning more towards this option because of its affordable rates, energy efficiency, and low maintenance requirements.   

They are also in high demand because of their flexibility and liberation in the design and structure. As a customer, you can decide what to incorporate into your residence. You can combine your living area with other commercial purposes such as offices, garages, workshops, etc. You have the liberty to be as creative as you want. 

The term ‘bando’ started as simple living quarters built inside barns. But contrary to its original meaning, it has now advanced into adequate living arrangements. In the past, a brando was used by people who work on a farm or ranch so that animal caretakers could stay in close proximity.

However, today barndos have become almost a luxurious living area or even a rental place in a rural area. It has become an advantageous and widespread option for those looking to make the best out of their living arrangements.  

Why Barndominiums over a traditional home? 

A barndominium is much easy to maintain as compared to a traditional house. The metal exterior makes it sturdier and customers don’t have to spend much on renovations over and over again. This proves to be efficient especially in changing seasons. The metal exterior is also cheaper to construct and more cost-efficient. 

Barndos are a perfect option for those that want to make their living space more creative and innovative. Unlike a traditional home, a barndo will allow you to choose a design plan of your own. You can decide the layout of the house yourself I.e. the numbers of rooms, their placement, etc. You can also include offices, sheds, garages, etc. as well in a Brando and there seems to be no limit to the personal customization options. 

A barndo is also far easier and quicker to make than a traditional home. You can construct a brando for half the time of a traditional home construction.  Therefore, to put it simply, a brandoprovides customers with more choices than a traditional and common house. They are, in the crux, a very affordable, energy efficient and a low maintenance option. 

The Advantages of a Barndominium

For those of you who are still dubious about choosing a barndominium as a living option, hereare some benefits to consider that might help your decision:

They can be used as a rental: 

Sometime it becomes absolutely necessary to need a break from the busy city life. For a more serene and quiet way of life, several people use barndominium as a holiday getaway. Not only does this ensure that the customers have a second home in a quiet place but can also generate capital. You can use it as a rental so that people too can escape from the monotonous city life routine and instead indulge in a tranquil lifestyle. 

They are spacious: 

One great advantage that barndominums have is that they are extremely spacious. The option to add additional space is available and it can be made so as per your wishes. The spacious deign of the house ensures that it will be airy, breezy and well illuminated.

It’s endurance: 

The popular sturdy metal or steel structure of the house ensure that it far more durable than all other living arrangements. They have the ability to withstand against even natural circumstances such as harsh seasons and pests. Durability is a game-changer for most people as it stands for a low cost on renovations and protections. Barndominums ensures that this requirement is met profitably. 

Customization options: 

A barndominium can be very flexible in its use. They can be easily customized according to the customer’s wishes. The design allows a multipurpose space with maximum versatility. The array of customization options makes a barndomimum an alternative that could display a myriad of options for interior/exterior, or a personal/commercial living space.

Less construction time: 

The popular metal shell construction goes up quickly and sans any hassle. They are fairly easy to build, especially when compared with a traditional home. The availability and the cost-effectiveness of the material kit for the barndominium also makes sure that the construction process will be swift and lucrative in terms of both price and time. 

It’s Cost-Effective

As opposed to the construction cost of a traditional home, a barndominum is far more efficient. You can construct or model it at a much lesser price than a standard living space. The fact that there is little to none maintenance cost makes it the best residential option as the sturdy structure does not give away to time.

Design Options to Create the Perfect Barndo for you

As barndominiums started becoming more and more popular, the extensity and range of the designs started increasing as well. Today, you can opt for any design that best meets your requirements. Check out some of these below. You just might find yourself a home!• Traditional Barndominium

As name suggests, it is essentially a traditional barn with a light modernity to it. The barn is usually painted red and displays large windows which ensure that it is always well illuminated. The barndominium itself is spacious and sunny. The unique mix of traditional and modern makes sure that you find the best option for yourself. 

• Rustic Barndominium

This simple design enables your home to take on a more classic and rustic display. It is ideal for the winters as it gives off a cozy and warm feeling. Moreover, with the addition of an outside porch, wooden furniture, brown floor, wooden poles or batten wood, you can achieve a rustic look to the fullest.

 • Classic Barndominium

In this barndominium, the design is very unique and there are multiple doors. The walls are usually painted a simple color with its contrasting color painted on the door frame and windows. The exterior manages to catch the attention of the customers and exudes a proper classic atmosphere. 

• Farmhouse Barndominium

The Farmhouse Barndominium is usually painted a white color to achieve the full home look. For the exterior, it is also paired with large windows and glass doors. But as far as the interior is concerned, raw wood details and sliding barn doors will make sure that it will accomplish the country look. You can always add a modern twist to it but the original farmhouse design will stay true to its country and rustic look. 

• Modern Barndominium

One question that usually customers ask is that whether a barn can be modern? The answer is always yes. A traditional or a rustic barn can always be modified into something modern. You can alter both the interior and exterior to achieve that. 

• Silo Barndominium

A silo Barndo is a design that follows a more traditional look and both the interior and exterior reflect that. It imparts a classic and elegant look which compels your attention. This design is convenient, cozy and extremely functional. 

• European Barndominium

If you think barndos cannot eb luxurious or high class, we have news for you! The European Barndominium provides the perfect mix of high-end and traditional. The interior is spacious and displays elaborative woodwork and luxurious decorations such as chandeliers. People may be fooled by the traditional exterior but they’re in for a surprise once they take a look at the interior. The premium interior far exceeds and surpasses the traditional exterior. 

• Compact Barndominium

To those of you who are often weighed down by the busy routine of the city life and look to escape and find a reprieve for a few days, the compact Barndoiminium is perfect for you. Nestled in between trees, the barndo lets you breathe in the fresh air and take in the warm sunlight. The valuated ceiling makes sure that the house is always well lit up and its compactness in size makes it truly unique. 

• Custom Barndominium

A custom barndo makes sure and prioritizes that the customer’s needs are met. You can endeavor to customize the layout, structure, interior and exterior yourself. No-one knows your requirements better than you so you can either choose to modify your barn of construct one from the start as per your liking. 

• Carriage Barndominium

A carriage Barndominium is the best option for a vacation rental. They can either look too traditional or too modern, whatever the constructor wills. It is very spacious and there are multiple entrances. The glass windows as well makes sure that there is always a flow of air and light in the house. They can be constructed up to a huge size and can accommodate a lot of people.

 • Colonial Barndominium

The colonial Barndo, as the name suggests imparts a more antique and historical display of design. The legacy of the past designs is prioritized to be preserved. A colonial barndo usually makes use of a timber porch and wooden layout.

• Cottage Barndominium

For a cottage brando, natural materials are usually used like natural slate floor tiles, oak trusses and granite stones for the external walls. The cottage barndo is perfect for those who prefer a homey feeling and want to feel relaxed.

• Country Barndominium

A country Barndominium is an open, spacious and a comfortable living space. It imparts a rustic and classical exterior with lots of wooden work. The exterior as well as the interior follow a traditional design pattern. It has one main entrance and has multiple floors. 

• Craftsman Barndominium

The Craftsman Barndominium usually imparts poles in the construction of the barndo which makes it truly unique. It is made of metal and small in size. These features make it a cozy living space and makes it more cost-effective. 

• Ranch Barndominium

The Ranch Barndominium as name suggest is a living space which allows you to provide for your animals whilst living close by. It is also a pole barn and is spacious. The floors are connected and regardless of whether you take care of animals or not, you can agree that it is an adequate living arrangement with a traditional design.  

• Vacation Barndominium

By choosing a design which displays big, open and clear windows, you can construct a potential vacation barndo. Usually, Vacation brandos follow a mix of traditional and modern design with plenty of wood work as well as sleek metal interior. 

• Victorian Barndominium

A Victorian Barndominium is reminiscent of the archaic styles of home with multiple stories and an attic. The gable roof gives it a traditional outlook and the poles in the design ensures that the house will be well constructed and spacious There are multiple floors and can accommodate a great number of people. 

• Tudor Barndominium

The Tudor Barndominium is also sometimes called a Cabin Barndominium. The exterior displays a gable roof and a chimney. There are a number of doors and windows which makes it very airy and warm. It is usually painted brown and makes use of both wood and metal which give it a sturdy appearance. 

• Tuscan Barndominium

A Tuscan Barndominium displays a very modern and sleek look. The open space makes it possible for you to have a garage as well as a courtyard. Besides the main door, there are a great number of windows on every wall which makes air and light to pass through frequently. The design is perfect for those who want to live in a barn but still want it have a somewhat similar appearance to a standard home. 

• Spanish Barndominium

The Spanish style Barndominium displays a similar design to the European Barndominium. The structure is supported by a nuber of poles. Huge windows and multiple doors are used in this design. There is a patio as well as a courtyard. 

• Shingle Barndominium

A shingle Barndominium follows an elaborate and well-structured design. It is extremely spacious and perfect for those who want a lot of room in their living space. The garage can be maximized to the size of a double even. It all depends on the requirement of the customer and the expertise of the architect. 

• Danbury Barndominium

The Danbury Barndominium displays a style and design that is based on a wide space. Not only do you have the option to build two porches; both front and back but also there are multiple floors and windows as well as doors which makes it a truly spacious design. 

• Low country Barndominium

Low country Barndominium follows the same design as that of a country Barndominium. The design is rustic and classical. The traditional design allows an individual to thrive by living close to nature in such a spacious area. 


A barndominium provides a multitude of options for you as a customer. You can choose to create your own space as how you like it as a barndo is accommodating, flexible and efficient. The benefits that it imparts makes sure that you chiefly enjoy and gain from them. In the end, nothing comes first than your terms and conditions. 

As evident by their growing popularity, more and more people have started to invest in the construction of barndos. The benefits and profits that it gives only makes sure that the word about their efficiency and effectiveness is spread.