One of the more essential motivation behind people leaning more towards constructing a barndominium is simple: Cost-efficiency. In today’s cut-throat economy, where the construction of a standard home is near impossible, a barndominium provides you with an affordable and simple option. The monumental price difference between a conventional home and a barndo could be the deciding factor behind someone’s decision. 

There seems to be a common misconception that a barndominium is just a barn that has some living space. However, in reality, it can be an exclusive exquisitely executed home, just like any other, for a lesser price. It is now easier to construct your house in the form of a barndo in half the construction cost of a conventional home.  

Cost of a barndominium

Putting a fixed price on the construction of a barndominium is impossible. Since, people have the full liberty to choose the floor plan, structure, layout and even the material, prices will always vary according to the buyer’s unique demands and requirements. Whether you choose between a wooden siding or a shingled roof, the prices will vary in both cases.  

Also, in some cases, barndos seem to be constructed in conjunction with something else. It can be a business, shop, animal barn, workshop, large garage or just some extra space. But the point of the matter remains the same: No barndo is alike in design and consequently in price.  

The average cost for a barndo can be discussed as there is no fixed price point. As far as their area goes, it can be anywhere from 1,000 sq. Ft. to 3,000+ sq. Ft. If you are looking for a complete buildout including the building structure itself, high-class finishes and the slab, you will be charged $85 per sq. Ft. But if you just want a basic shell of a barndowhich constitutes of the slab, building, plumbing, and no essential framework, the price can go as low as $20 a square foot.  

Barndominium Kits:

If you want to build your barndo as per your wishes, the option to buy a BarndominiumKit is always available. It is a low-cost plan which will ensure that you have everything available to quickly build your barndo. You will have the liberty to choose your floor plans and square foot plans.  

These prefabricated kits are a popular choice among customers because it is efficient in terms of both time and money. Parts of your building will be manufactures somewhere away and only later will be brought to the primary location consequently reducing on-site expenses.  

A barndominium kit ensures the construction of your barndo in much less time than it would take a conventional home to be constructed. Sometimes, a barndo can be completed on only a few weeks whereas it would take several tedious months for a conventional construction.  

By going with a barndominium building kit you can have a plethora of design and style options at your disposal. You can truly construct a home that best mirrors your personality and style.  

The kits arrive with user-friendly instructions and you wouldn’t need the help of an architect. And as all the main parts of the barndo follow your exact given specification, the construction would be swift and sans any trouble.  

Why is there no fixed price point? 

Different elements have the potential to influence the construction cost of barndos. One barndo will greatly differ from the next one and so forth. It is not just the construction price that varies but the design, area, and material cost are different as well.  

Price of steel/metal:  

Barndos are usually made from metal or steel. Not only does the price vary drastically all over the globe but it can also fluctuate from one establishment to the other. It all depends on a lack or abundance in supply and demand or even global issues which largely affects economies. The cost of the movement from the material site to the primary construction location is counted as well and that too is different in companies.   


In addition, there can simply be no regular price for every building size. The design that you choose and the customization options that your specific design entails will impact the rate. Since there are different styles and designs of a barndo, the price will vary too. Some designs have more elaborative structure and the price point for that will be more expensive, especially when compared to a more traditional or classic barndo style.  


The price point for the land affects the differences in pricing as well. If the area of your construction land is bigger, you have the option to construct a bigger barndo. The larger the area of your barndo, the more the price point will be and vice versa.  

Final Thoughts:  

A barndominium costs far less than a traditional, conventional home and is quicker to build as well. Not only are they efficient in money and cost but also in time as well. Furthermore, there are little to no maintenance costs and the money you spend once will last you a long time. Barndos also have generally been shown to have lower tax rates and utility rates. There are no fixed rates for the construction of a barndo as there are multiple factors involved.

The price of steel or metal never remains accurate and the size of the barndo too is always different. Also, the way that you choose to customize your home as you require affects pricing. If your design includes multiple floors, doors, and windows, your price will be higher than a traditional style barndo. Flexibility in optional elements such as wood, stone, and brick also influence the price.

The construction price varies as there are two routes: You can either go for a more traditional approach and hire people who charge by per square foot or buy a prefabricated barndominium kit and finish off for a much cheaper price without involving any architects or the like. In simpler words, the price of a barndominium is variable and always subject to change as per the unique specifications of the buyer.